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Cedar Shake Cleaning & Maintenance

Cedar Shake Cleaning Safely & Effectively Removes:

  • Green Moss
  • Algae Growth
  • Moss & Lichen Growth


Has been in business since 1989 and is solely dedicated to the trade of wood roof restoration and roofing.

Our business has grown to encompass the greater Chicago area, Southern Wisconsin, and parts of Indiana.


As with any roofing material, cedar shakes suffer from the effects of Mother Nature and break down over time.

The life of cedar, though very durable, depends largely on the environment in which it exists. Proper maintenance can deter these effects to prolong the life and maintain the beauty of your cedar roofing.



To help fight against the elements American Roof Preservers, Inc. provides a superior roof restoration and preservation system.

Using the highest quality shakes and an environmentally friendly preservative, we ensure your cedar roof receives the best possible care.



The company was started when roof restoration and wood preservation was an undeveloped industry.

Our pioneering attitude and commitment to our customers has allowed us to become the leader in cedar care. We understand that our customer’s satisfaction is the heart of our business.


Why Customers Choose Us

“Just wanted to tell you that I’m very satisfied with the work you preformed on my cedar roof.  Your fast, professional service will give you an edge over any competition.  Your a winning team.  Good luck and much success.”
– Mike Ditka (Former Chicago Bears Coach)


“I’m writing this letter to inform you that we are very please with the work you have done for our cedar roof.  From the initial phone call, to the diagnosis of the roof, to the actual treatment, and the follow-up calls, we were impressed with the way business was conducted.”
– Chris Chelios (Former Chicago Blackhawk)

“The before and after appearance  are remarkable. Thanks for a professional and well done job!
– Ed Belfour (Former Chicago Blackhawk)


“In our industry, the value and significance of wood goes without saying. I would like to commend your company on the excellent contribution you make to preserve cedar wood. Your men did a first-rate job… and the competitive cost made the job all the more satisfying.”
– James L. Moser (Former President of Moser Lumber, Inc.)

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