Cedar Roof Maintenance Products

CedarRenew™ for cedar roof maintenance has been formulated specifically for preserving the beauty and prolonging the life of cedar. This blend of resins, waxes, waterproofing agents, U/V inhibitors and iron oxides has been formulated into a base designed to prevent the wood from weathering. It slows down the warping and splitting that occurs as unprotected wood swells and shrinks under the influence of rain and sun.

CedarRenew leaves a beautifully tinted, water-repellent, modified surface that resists U/V rays and the growth of moss and algae for years. CedarRenew is a state-of-the-art cedar roof maintenance system for beautifying and protecting cedar shake roofs from the damaging effects of wind, rain, and ultra-violet rays. When applied as directed, the CedarRenew application (available in brown or gray) will inhibit the growth of moss and algae for years while slowing the natural aging process of your investment.

3 Ways CedarRenew Protects Your Cedar Roof:

Protects Against Moisture Damage

cedar roof repairWind and rain can have devastating effects on cedar. Left unprotected, rain can cause erosion on the surface and loss of wood integrity. CedarRenew penetrates deep into cedar, replacing the natural water-repelling properties lost through the first years of weathering. CedarRenew’s acrylic resins and water repellents stabilize the surface and send the water sheeting from the wood, not into the wood.

Shields Against Moss and Algae

cedar roof restoration companyBlack or green discoloration is more than just a cosmetic problem, they are microorganisms causing deterioration of the wood. CedarRenew significantly reduces the growth of these microorganisms. Cedar protected against moisture and ultraviolet light are less susceptible to attack from moss and algae.

Resists Ultraviolet Damage

Ultraviolet light attacks the wood fiber in cedar and generates heat cedar shake roof treatmentwhich bakes out the natural binding resins causing the cedar to become dried-out and brittle. CedarRenew replaces the resins with an iron oxide pigment to return the wood to a more natural tone and block sunlight from the surface. The cedar will not only look good, but will continue to repel dangerous U/V rays.

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